Our Infrastructure

The Repair Overhaul ‘Technical Service Centre(TSC)’ for Russian origin systems is being created in collaboration with respective OEMs namely Joint Stock Company(JSC) KRET and UAC. These facilities are created at Goa and Karwar, which are very close to Navy’s operating bases to contain turnaround times and contribute towards enhanced asset availability. These facilities will be manned by AEPL specialists and work will be undertaken as per OEM quality and certification procedures.

Goa and Karwar facilities are 100 kms apart and are well connected by rail, road, sea and air. Goa has an international airport with flights to and from Russia with a fully functional Govt office for immigration and custom clearance. Both the facilities, in their present form, are ready for induction of ROH technology and production for offset ventures.

A full fledged anechoic chamber and environment testing facility has been set up in Goa for testing of modern fire control radars of current generation fighter aircraft.

The state of art infrastructure manned by specialists of rich Aerospace experience
is designed and organised to provide a “One Stop Shop” for all kinds of quality product support to the IN and IAF.

As a part of AEPL’s partnership with Russian technology giant under the “Make in India” initiative, the OEMs will provide the necessary Transfer of Technology (TOT) and OEM level certification for all the repairs carried out and spares supplied by AEPL.

AEPL, Verna, Goa facility has a total area of 1520 sq meter with 695 sq meter as covered build up area in two levels. The entire build up area has controlled environment. This facility has a covered area with CCTV, biometrics, high barbed wire fence and manned guards and has been specifically developed for ROH of radar equipment, cockpit electronics and display systems. An indigenous capability has been established for indigenous development of testers, ground equipment, repair of electronic and mechanical aggregates of western and Russian origin. The overall capability encompasses support fighter aircraft, helicopters, maritime aircraft and UAV. The facility has been equipped with 100 KVA captive power supply for progressing Repair and Overhauls on 24/7 basis.


Anechoic Chamber for Air borne Radar performance checks

An anechoic chamber with three test benches has been commissioned. All the three test benches are supplied with 28V DC, 400 Hz and 50 Hz power supplies. The chamber measures 2.4m (H) X 4.4m (W) X 9.2m (L) and has been set up to prevent ingress and egress for frequencies for a bandwidth of 8 – 12 GHz. The anechoic chamber is environmentally controlled with an independent air conditioning system and fire detection system. The entire area is protected from dust. Pictures of the anechoic chamber and the internal work space are given below.

Special Power Supply Room
This room has houses 400 Hz and 28 V DC supply sources as shown. Un-interrupted supply of 50 Hz through commercial supply and captive power plan has been catered for to ensure that all activities are carried out without any break. The facility can provide a full capacity of 100 KVA if the situation demands.

Environment Test Room
By the end of Sep 18 this room will house Temperature Test Chamber capable of -70C to +100C for testing the thermal integrity of repaired components.

Vibration Test Chamber
The room will also house a programmable 2000kg vibration test rig which mas been manufactured indigenously with the specifications given the Russian OEM. This machine will be positioned to check the repaired components for structural integrity.

Storage House for Aviation Spares
The facility has adequate storage space in a dust free and temperature-controlled environment. This space can be utilised to store aviation spares over a long period of time.

Electrical & Avionics Workshops
In the upper level, the facility has separate workspace for repair of avionic items. These workshops and complete area have controlled environment. All these workshops can be provided with stabilised and un-interrupted power if the need arises.

AEPL, Karwar facility has a total area of 12000 sq. mt. with 3628 sq. mt. as covered built up area in five separate but co-located buildings. This facility is protected with CCTV, biometrics, high barbed wire fence and manned guards and has been specifically developed for ROH of all aircraft components and to support production of offset ventures. The work space is divided into four separate buildings viz administration, electrical and electronics workshop, mechanical workshop and machine shop and is equipped with uninterrupted power supply with adequate captive 50 Hz power. The fifth building houses the administrative support systems namely water supply, effluent treatment and firefighting system.

Administrative Block
This is a state of art facility designed, constructed and developed for effective administration. This block is completely self-sufficient with offices for top executives, mid-level executives, supervisors, workers, training rooms, board room, cafeteria and suitably done up guest rooms.


AEPL, Karwar is equipped with 400 KVA + 100 KVA Captive Power Plant, Training Room with Overhead Projection System, State of art conference and Guest rooms.

Electrical and Electronic Workshop
There a work space of 1352 sq. mt. distributed over levels. Un-interrupted and adequate power supply is available to meet all the envisaged requirements. A lift between the ground level and first floor has been provided for ensuring smooth movement of equipment.

Lower Level
The lower level (ground floor) has an area of 750 sq. mt. and has been earmarked for heavy electrical work on generators, alternators and actuators. This area has a 2.5 ton gantry running across the entire length of the building. Adequate inbuilt offices for the floor manager, supervisors and technicians are available along with space for running spares. These offices are equipped with environmental controlled systems and provided with adequate illumination.

Upper Level
The upper level has been specifically designed and constructed to support ROH of hi-end electronics and EW systems. This facility can be easily upgraded to include ROH / assembly of laser and IR systems as well. The entire level has anti-static flooring, dust proofing and air-conditioned to cater for sensitive electronic systems. There is adequate space to install calibration and ROH facility of INGPS/TOTEM Inertial Navigation Systems in addition to the complete avionics of the aircraft. Adequate office and storage space is readily available for stocking of spares for supply to customers and / or for use in ROH. Requirement of any special power supply will be met by AEPL.

Mechanical Workshop with 10-Ton Gantry crane
This workshop has a useful floor area of 1038 sq. mt.. The facility can be utilised for repair and overhaul of all mechanical, hydraulic, undercarriage and fuel aggregates / components. This workshop has enough space for separate work spaces and bays to be created. There is a 10-ton gantry running along the entire length of the workshop. The workshop also has adequate office and storage space.

Machine Shop
This workshop has a useful floor area of 626 sq. mt. The facility can be utilised for manufacturing, machining, reclamation of metal, electroplating and other routine tasks that require machining. The workshop is in two parts with one having equipment required for machining and engineering jobs and equipped with 5 ton gantry crane. There is adequate space in this area to install more machines that can be used for manufacture or machining of components. The other section has 16 ton gantry running across the width of the workshop. With little renovation this area can be used for reconditioning of under carriages and heavy airframe items. Pictures of this facility are placed below.

Receipt and Despatch Area
The facility in Karwar has a dedicated receipt and despatch area with arrangements for high pressure washing of the items that come in if the situation demands. This area has a dedicated overhead gantry of 10-ton capacity. The R&D Area has a dedicated parking space to load / off-load heavy duty vehicles and an office to monitor the movement of items to and from the facility.

Effluent Treatment Plant
The Karwar facility has an effluent treatment plant as mandated by the Govt pollution directives. This will facilitate handling of all the hydrocarbons that are necessary for ROH and manufacture of components.

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